Watch List

Not quite there...but close

These stocks do not have an FN rating, but we want to keep an eye on them. We outline the reasons below.

Watch list companies are not updated as frequently as our Biotech Stock Pick companies.

FN Rating: N/A

FN Summary: Lead asset (CAP-1002) for DMD had very good results in a small P2 trial. Company will initiate a 65 patient P3 trial, hopefully starting in by end of Q1 2022. Good cash position, but will not last long without a partner, which management says is required before starting P3. No recent insider buying on the open market.

This company is on the watch list for 1 reason:

1) P3 results are outside the 6-9 month time-frame we like to see in our covered biotechs. CAPR will be initiating a Phase 3 by the and of Q1 2022 (hopefully). We anticipate P3 results 1H 2023. If P3 results are positive, the SP will likely spike to 5-10x current levels. This company has huge potential in the DMD space.

FN Rating: N/A
FN Summary: Lead asset (Haduvio) is in P3 testing for Pruritis associated with Prurigo Nodularis, which represents a $3B global market. Haduvio is being tested as the first orally administered drug for Pruritis. P3 results are due Q2 2022. Company is also testing Haduvio for Chronic Cough in IPF, which is in Phase 2, and results due Q2 2022. Trevi market cap is only $30M, which is an all time low since going public in 2019.

This is on the watch list for 1 primary reason:

There is no insider buying on the open market despite SP being an all time low. Insider buying is important because it shows shareholders that management is willing to buy at the same levels. After all, if management isn't buying the opportunity, why should shareholders? See graphics below.

Share price at all time low.