Verifying Insider Ownership

Be your own hero.

Websites that summarize insider ownership (like NASDAQ or WhaleWisdom) often have accurate percentages. But sometimes the numbers don't seem to add up. Here is how to resolve that dilemma and get the true numbers.

Insiders must report trades within 4-days to the SEC via a Form-4; therefore, the SEC will have the most accurate and up-to-date info on insider trades and well as total ownership.

Here is the SEC link:

So let's get started...

Put your company ticker in the search box 👇 (CTXR will be used in our example.)

Click on Ownership Disclosures

A dropdown will appear. Click on View All Insider Transactions

You will see a listing of all insider transactions with the most current at the top.

Click on one of the links to bring up the Form-4. (unfortunately you can't sort by name)

Here is what the Form-4 looks like. The number in the red box shows the current shares owned by an insider (Leonard Mazur of CTXR in this case.)

That is how you verify an insiders ownership. Jubel!