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FN Summary: Lead asset (SLS-002) has Fast Track Status and is in P2 (Registrational Trial) testing for Suicide behavior and Major Depressive Disorders. This is a huge unmet medical need which represents a $3B US market. P2 results are due (hopefully) by summer 2022.

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Experienced Management

Fast Track Status for Lead Drug

Good Phase 2

Recent Insider Buying

Decent Cash (as of Dec 2021)

SP at all 12 month low (as of Jan 2022)


Next Catalyst

Completion of Phase 2 (registrational trial) enrollment ~ 2nd Q 2022
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days until Apr 1
Anticipated Registrational Trial Enrollment Completion

Interactive Chart

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Caveat! Stock movement can be very finicky and, at times, seemingly random. This is FN's best explanation of the price movement.

May 7 - IPO

March 2020 - Covdid-19 affected all US equities negatively)

July 13, 2020 - DMC recommends increasing sample size from 240 to 360

Cash on Hand


Est Monthly Cash Burn





nice cushion...


Est Cash End of Mar 2022


Enough cash until SLS-002 Registrational Trial Results


Products & Sales Potential



Acute Suicide Ideation & Behavior

US Market

1M cases

Global Market

For Context: Seelos Tx Market Cap ~ $91M as of Apr 8, 2022


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Company PDFs

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Corp Presentation - Apr 2022

Phase 2 Clinical Trial

Normally we list information for the Phase 2 and Phase 3 trial. However, SEEL just finished the 1st part of the Phase 2 trial. It was a huge success. SEEL received approval from the FDA to have the 2nd part be a registrational trial.

Understanding the 1st part of the Phase 2 trial is crucial to anticipate the success of the current 2nd part of the Phase 2 trial. In summary, the 1st part of the Phase 2 trial was a huge success.

The 1st part of Phase 2 was open label and easily meet its primary and secondary endpoints.

Phase 2 - Part 1 also had excellent safety.

In July 2021 the FDA agreed with SEEL that the 2nd part of the Phase 2 trial could be a registrational trial. This means they can take use the results for an NDA.

This is exactly what we like to see in a registrational trial - a design almost identical to the previous Phase. This reduces the chance of unknown variables entering the trial (although it is still possible).

Analyst Price Targets

Analyst Price Target History

One year ago 1 analysts had a Buy rating with a $12 price target. Now the company is closer than ever to finishing their first registrational trial and the SP has dropped significantly, and analysists have noticed. Now 5 cover the stock with a buy rating.


Insider Ownership % (not precise)

Insider Transactions

Unfortunately, there have been no insider buys recently (12-18 months). Considering the SP is near a 1 year low, it would be nice to see.

Institutional Holdings

This is an average amount of institutional ownership.

Notable Institutional Holdings (as of 9/30/21)

Short Interest

Daily Short Volume Chart

Shares Available to Short

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Q. What is the anticipated cost for SLS-002?
A. We believe he cost to be around $5K since JNJ Spravato’s drug is ~$5.8K.


Phase 3 was slowed as hospitals focused exclusively on Covid patients. It is possible that a data variation was created which will adversely affect the results.

Phase 3 pulls in a much larger group of patients. Anytime this occurs, new variables can be introduced that Phase 2 did not uncover. These variables can cause adverse results resulting in the company not hitting their endpoints.

This drug (ketamine) has been available for a long time (just not for ASIB or MDD); therefore, the patent has run out. SEEL, or whomever buys the company, will have a short window (3-yrs) of exclusivity since the market is very large (>800,000 patients).


The only approved drug for suicide patients in the ER is JNJ’s Spravato. Many current treatments for Acute Suicide Ideation Behavior (ASIB) include hospitalization and/or anti-depressants – many with a black box warning as they can lead to increase in suicidal thoughts.

Email us at if you have more.  We want to list all risk factors for the drug & trial.

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