Celiac Disease Testimonials

Many people think it is easy to avoid gluten in every day life. Not so. See why below.

Celiac patient here. This weekend a couple of friends invited my wife & I over for to their house for dinner. They went out of their way to ensure the entire meal was gluten free, from the appetizer to the dessert. I told them how much I really appreciated their effort. The food was delicious, but later that night and the next day I felt terrible, making many trips to the bathroom, getting little sleep. From what I've read, I'm lucky, with symptoms "only" lasting about 24 hours. Some Celiac sufferers are down for a week after a gluten exposure, with damage to their small intestine. This is the chance we take whenever we go out to a restaurant or eat at a (well intentioned) friend's house. No matter how careful we are, we just can't avoid gluten 100% of the time. A tiny amount can cause a major reaction. NMTR's Larazotide commercialization (if it happens) can't come soon enough for us.
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I have Celiac Disease as well. I to must have got Gluten in something I ate. I had to ride in a car for over an hour praying that we would find a bathroom. This Disease is no joke, the pain is unreal. I suffer from headaches to.
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