Don't EVER dismiss good DD, regardless of the source.

When an investor tries to research a stock there are many places they can dig. Often times some of the rare hidden nuggets are on discussion forums. But after browsing said places, you start to see more emotions than facts. 😡

So you dip a toe in by a making an observation or asking a question. Then it’s not long before someone takes your post out of context and emotions start to take over on both sides.

I have seen it a lot and it happens with me also, as much as I hate to admit it. But I am learning.

So what if the poster, who you can’t stand, is constantly providing good DD? What do you do?

Well, after watching the forums for close to 2 years, I can certainly tell you what NOT to do.

Don’t dismiss them…ever. Don’t put them into the box of “they are always…” or “they never…”. That can subconsciously, or consciously, cause you to disregard their DD and not give it proper consideration. You should always be looking for information to adjust your investment thesis. Good information is good information, regardless of the source. 👈 reread that.

Remember that nugget has its source from outside the person, whom you can’t stand. That nugget stands on its own, regardless of who posted it. Of course you should validate it, but just b/c you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they can’t help you build your investment portfolio.

And on top of that, give credit where credit is due. It builds them up to keep providing more nuggets, and helps reaffirm in your mind that it was indeed valuable, even though you may not like the person.

Once you can start to be completely unbiased in your investment decisions (i.e. keeping emotions out), you start to emulate the best investors in the world.


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