Several people have asked us how they can contribute as a thanks for helping them.

First of all, thank you. We are humbled that you would consider giving your hard earned money to FN.

But before we get to that part, we need to outline a few things.

FN believes there is an order to how one should give.

Family 1st:

Is there someone in your immediate, or extended, family that is struggling? They should be the first recipients of your funds. I know family can be messy and filled with drama.

But you can avoid the awkwardness by giving anonymously through a local church. They will gladly do it and you will receive a gift donation receipt, which is tax deductible.

Non-Profits & Churches 2nd:

Many churches and non-profits do excellent work to help those less fortunate. If you go to church, you know where to give.

If you are looking for good non-profits, here are a few (which are close to our Norwegian heart).

If you made it to this point and you still want to give, here are different ways you can contribute: