Calling Out Pumpers/Manipulators


If you find yourself listed on this page, it is for 1 sole reason: You are intentionally posting misinformation to pump up the share price. You need to change your ways.

But don't worry, this really isn't about you. It's about the posting tactics of pumpers.

Now, for the lesson: How do we recognize a pumper?

Pumpers will meet ALL of these criteria:

  • post a lot of the same information over and over
  • post information that often has half-truths sprinkled in (thereby making it harder to discern actual facts)
  • not change their ways when called out, block you, or get mad and call you names when they are confronted with the correct facts
  • care more about propping up the share price, than give you good DD to make wise investment decisions (yes – intent is hard to gauge at first, but once you know how to recognize pumpers, this bullet becomes astonishingly clear!)

Here is an example of a pumper's post 👇

His first paragraph is the issue. To be clear, Jim Woody (CEO) did state (in an early April Interview) that results were initially due in Q3.

However the company has since issued a PR (on April 20, 2021) stating results are now due in Q4. This is the most recent information we have and this poster knows it. I bought it to his attention.

Yet, he is still is posting Q3, and therefore, made our page. And we know why. He is a pumper. Pumpers will give you nuggets of truth, but they weave in half-truths.

We all know that Q3 results release would be better for the share price than Q4, but facts can’t be really be argued, can they? No – facts stand on their own. You need facts to make good investment decisions.

So why are they being called out? 2 Reasons: 1) To make you a more savvy investor and recognize pumpers from a distance.  Be very warry of them.  And, 2) There is a remote chance he will change his ways.  We want everyone to get better in investing, and, as a person.

All the best.

more examples will follow...