About this site...

FN derisks biotechs to understand the investment thesis.

Info is:

  • Centralized: We scan the internet and put all relevant information in one location

  • Sourced: When possible we will link information to the source so you can verify it yourself.  

  • Deep Research: We list even the smallest nugget to help you understand the company and product line.

We publish all Bullish and Bearish information. This is about knowing ALL facts that might affect the possibility of drug success, and hence our investment.

This is not about artificial pumping a stock. It is about finding solid companies with great products/pipelines and letting the world know.

So why bother with making a website?

4 reasons

  1. Teaching others forces us to understand the company and its pipeline in great depth. We become a better investor by helping you.

  2. We want to help others become better biotech investors. Helping others gives us joy.

  3. Biotech companies need our support.  You would be surprised at the number of clinical drugs that have been shelved for lack of funding.  Educated investors are needed to keep the price up so that when funding is needed (and it will be), companies can get it (without excessive dilution, hopefully) to continue drug development.

  4. Counteract the lies of the short sellers (shorts). (More details on this as time goes on.) Biotechs are extremely volatile and get attention from hedge funds, which love to short stocks. Also, due to biotechs small market cap, the share price can be manipulated quite easily. Combine these factors with lies and deception, biotechs are often targets of the shorts.

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